Otis Carey Exclusive Interview


Otis Carey Exclusive Interview

1)   Who are you and what do you do??

-My name it Otis Hope Scary Carey. I am a human of the earth. I’m 24 years young. I’m Aboriginal. I get paid to surf freely and soulfully in the ocean. I’m also addicted to slurpee’s.


2)   I watched KTM the other day and frothed so hard… How did the idea come about?  Who is in it?

-I was approached by a young man by the name of Patrick Pearse. Pat does a lot of documentary work, human interest pieces etc. He put a proposal on the table for us to look at and wanted to know if we’d be interested in making a surf movie/human interest piece. So I nodded and said yep. It’s been a year long project and the friends and surfers that are involved are Thom Pringle AKA sister kisser, Ozzie Wright, Luke Stedman, Chippa Wilson, Joel Ford, Chris Chong, Asher Pacey, Benny Godwin, Cooper Chapman, George Henderson, Derek Hynd and many more. 


3)   What was your fave trip and why??

-I would have to say my favourite trip was south Sumatra. The waves were pumping for 2 weeks straight! The food was epic, the weather was nice, it was just an all round epic trip! I can’t wait to get back there!


4)   Your art is really taking off..I cant surf anywhere without seeing your doodles on poles, signs and whatever a texta will right on.. How did you get into art??

-Yeah I like to travel with poska pens and stamp my art wherever I go. I like to leave apart of my thoughts along the way. I’ve always liked to pick up a pen and draw on paper. I guess it just started from drawing on my surfboards and on school desks. I use to draw the shit out of my school desks, I couldn’t help it I just couldn’t sit still in class unless I drew what I had in my head on the desk. And I could never ride a surfboard unless it was drawn on. So I guess that’s how my art has become what it is today.


5)   You have a fair few tatts and also do a bit of tattooing… whats your fave tattoo you have?, whats the dumbest?

-Yeah I’m a sucker for tattoo’s! i just can’t seem to stop getting tattooed. I love everything about getting a tattoo. I just muck around with mates doing home jobs, I guess it just gives us something fun to do when the surf sux. I’d have to say my favourite tattoo is on the inside of my left arm. It’s a portrait of a pin up sailor chick. And the dumbest would have to be on my ass cheek, it says ”ryan loves deans dick”. Yeah i reckon that takes 1st prize for the dumbest tattoo I have.


6)   When we met you were living in Bondi and have now made the move north to Narrabeen.. How you liking the change??

-I actually love Narrabeen, I feel so much more freedom over here. I loved Bondi but I felt so trapped and confined. I’m a country kid I need to feel a sense of freedom. I can think a lot clearer over here rather than in amongst and around the city.


7)   Your known as a free surfer  yet you enter comps still, how does this fit into the big picture of what you wanna do in surfing??

-I’m not a big fan of individual competitions. I like team sports. But in saying that I do as many Indigenous surf comps as I can. And I have a lot of fun surfing in those Jim Beam tag team comps, they are always fun. I think It’s always a good thing to  broaden your horizon. If I wasn’t doing the Indigenous comps and the tag team comps I would definitely be doing a few comps here and there though. I don’t really have anything I want to do in surfing. I surf purely for the feeling the ocean gives me. If what I do in the ocean interests people it definitely makes me feel good about doing what I do. It’s always a nice thing to know people respect and enjoy watching you do what makes you feel like yourself.


8)   Your lil boy Beige is growing up quick.. How are you enjoying fatherhood?? And aside to that.. You are married to your best friend..the beautiful Renee.. Hows married life??

-It’s crazy how fast time really does seem to just float by. 2012 was the busiest year of my life so far. I think I only spent about 8 weeks all up with my son last year. He’s grown so fast! He’s such an old soul, I love him beyond this universe. Being a father means everything to me. I would quit surfing for my son, I’d give up the limbs on my body just to see him happy. I’m so lucky to have cross paths with my wife Renee (Daisy). She’s a very special human that I’m proud to call my best friend and wife. And the best part is I get to grow old with her and experience everything life has to offer, not just together but also with our kids.


9)   You’re a proud indigenous surfer,  I see a lot of young indigenous surfers now putting traditional artworks, the aboriginal flag etc on their boards… How does it make you feel to know that you are helping to make youngsters proud of their heritage??

-The best part about being Aboriginal is I’m already gifted with a special spiritual bond to the land and ocean, so every time I enter the ocean it’s not only my job but in a way it’s like going home again. I’d love to put more effort into being able to teach young and old Indigenous people how to surf. It’s so important for Aboriginal people to stay connected to ocean in anyway at all, and surfing is such a fun way to do that. I get so friggin stoked when a young koori kid or any kid of any heritage approaches me on Facebook or wherever and tells me how cool it was to see a picture of me surfing with the koori flag on my surfboard.


10)         What are you listening to at the moment??

-Little Dragon


11)         Last book you read?

- A NEW EARTH, written by Eckhart Tolle


12)         Parting words??